iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Look at this before you buy Don’t choose wrong

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iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Overview

So we just had the announcement of the brand new iPad Pro M2. Still, lots of you are wondering how this compares to the last generation iPad Pro M1 so today, I’m going to do for you I’m going to do an iPad Pro M1 versus iPad Pro M2 review of specs to see what the differences are between last year’s model and the most recent M2 model 2.

so let’s begin than with this comparison so on the left side we have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch M2 the 2022 model. Then on the right, we have the iPad Pro 12.9 M1 model from 2021 so let’s begin with the display time.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: display type

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The display type is the same in both of these iPad Pro Models. They’re both a liquid resnet xcr display, and this is a mini LED display on the 12.9 models.

There is no difference between these models in their actual presentation. You’ll see precisely the same sort of features, not brightness and colors, everything like that of both of these models the same.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Screen size

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The actual screen size as well. Nothing has changed here, and the existing main body of these iPad Pros hasn’t changed at all, either.

So they’ve both got a 12.9-inch display on both models, so there are no differences. You’ll get that 12.9-inch display we’ve had on the larger iPads for quite a while now.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: screen resolution

The screen resolution, though, first of all, I must say the aspect ratio is 4×3, and this is the same on both models, but the resolution is good.

It’s a 2K resolution at 2732 by 2048 resolution, which is clear with that liquid resnet xcr display on mini LED is quite phenomenal to see.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Pixels per inch

Pixels per Ridge is 264 pixels per inch. Yes, it’s maybe less than an iPhone, but at the end of the day, you’re not going to be holding up this iPad closer to your face.

You’re going to be putting it on the table, holding it in your lap or something like this where it’s a little bit further away from your eyes, so you will see that complete Clarity on that PPI that 264 pixels per inch or both of these models were the same.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Display refresh rate

The display refresh rate So Pro-motion has been out for quite a while now. The iPad Pro was the first to get it some years ago, and it’s a pro-motion 120-hertz display, and again, it’s that mini LED technology. There is no difference here in both of these models.

They both have Pro-motion, but it must be noticed it’s not the type of same Pro motion that we get with the iPhone 13 Pro and the 14 Pro Models, where it can be scaled down and go up it’s a constant 120-hertz refresh rate all the time, and it can’t be scaled down there’s no always-on display or anything like that for it.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Display protection

The display protection of both iPad Pros has Gorilla Glass 6 on them, which is a robust and rugged display for them on your day.

It’s not as tough as, say, the ceramic glass, but either you’re not going to be throwing these iPads into your pocket because they won’t fit at all, but they are still quite challenging for what they are for both of these models.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Processor and the CPU

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The processor and the CPU, and this is where the most significant change comes between these models, so both have the M chipset. We got the M1 last year, and we’ve got the M2 this year, but the M1, for example, features four efficiency cores and four performance cores and has an eight-core GPU 2.

In contrast, the M2 has precisely the same four efficiency cores and four performance cores and this time though it has a ten-core GPU, it’s a little more robust. Also, something else the M2 chipset has inside here is a video encoder and decoder. This usually is only exclusive to the M1 series from the M1 Pro onwards.

The M2 essential chip does have this, so for video editing and things like this, it’s going to be good. On the M2 chipset, if you’re doing video editing, I would highly recommend getting the M2 iPad Pro 12.9 Model. It’s going to be worth it. The M2 chipset is clocked a little bit higher than the M1. Also, these chips both run on a five-nanometer die. There is no difference here whatsoever that the M2 is faster.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: RAM

The RAM amount now the ram amounts are both precisely the same with both these models. You can have ever get 8 or 16 gigabytes, but that depends on the part of storage that you choose.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Storage

The storage, you have a choice between 128 gigabytes, which goes up to 256 gigabytes, 512 terabytes and two terabytes, and this is on both models now. If you want to get that 16 gigabytes of RAM inside, you have to pick the one-terabyte or the two-terabyte option on both models.

If you decide, say, a 256 gigabyte model of storage here, you’ll only get eight gigabytes of RAM, and there’s no way you can upgrade this at the store, online, or anywhere like that; it can only be done if you pick a higher storage amount.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Operating system

The operating system and both of these iPads can run the latest Apple iPhone iPad OS 16.

The newest version just came out, so all the features you saw at WWDC’s earliest year are available on both iPads, which is fantastic.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: The batteries

The batteries’ size is identical in both iPad Pro Models. The 12.9-inch model, the M2 and the M1, have a 10 758 milliamp battery.

In all fairness, what’s probably most likely going to happen with the M2 iPad Pro is its battery might drain a little bit quicker, not by much compared to the M1, mainly because it’s running on the same sort of die the nanometer die and the clock speeds are slightly higher as well so based on this I would say the M2 is going to sip tiny bit more battery than the M1 probably.

Still, it’s probably not going to be much in it when the M2 sort of runs out of battery if you use it from 100 to zero percent; the M1 would still probably be on something like seven or eight percent battery. There’s not going to be a massive difference between these, but obviously, the M1 will have slightly better battery life inside it.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: wired and wireless charging

The wired and wireless charging, so both iPad Pros have USBC ports at the bottom, and the main difference is that the iPad Pro M2 has 20-watt charging.

In contrast, the original iPad Pro 12.9 inch with the M1 has 18 Watts charging again; there’s not much in it. Also, sadly there is no wireless charging. We were hoping that MagSafe was coming to the iPad pro this year.

Still, it sadly didn’t come. We’ll probably have to wait for the redesign, which is perhaps going to come most likely next year or in 2024.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: The Weight

I’m pleased to say the weights are exactly the same on both iPad Pro Models, the 12.9-inch ones, and that’s 682 grams.

There are no differences in weight between both these models.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Water resistance

Sadly, none of these iPad Pros have any water resistance in them because it’s unlikely you’re going to take it near like a lake or pool or something like this, so with that, there is no water resistance whatsoever ever.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Ports

Both of these models for ports, as I already mentioned about it, have a USB C port. These are Thunderbolt 4 ports, so they’re fast, snappy, and quick if you want to plug in accessories by the USBC port and talk about accessories.

There is an iPad accessory port on the back of the three pins. There are free pins on both models, allowing you to hook up to, say, the magic keyboard if you want to do that.

Some other accessories to it’s also worth mentioning as well that both of these iPad Pros also can work with the second generation apple pencil 2.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Stereo Speakers

Stereo speakers have the volume in both of them that are precisely same. The speaker sets are the same on both of the iPad Pro Models.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: 5G capability

5G capability is available on both of these models, so if you want to pick the cellular option to get 5G out and about, you can pick that and have that on both the M2 and the M1 models.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology the iPad Pro 12.9 M2 model does have a slightly enhanced Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.3 this time around, whereas the iPad Pro has the standard 5.0

so slight, you know; Improvement of the best slight technology in Bluetooth technology there on the iPad Pro with the M2 chipset.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Rear cameras

Rear cameras are the same. They both have a 12-megapixel wide 10-megapixel Ultra wide up to 4K video recording. They also do have both the lidar sensor, but what I would say is that the M2 does have better machine learning in its CPU.

so maybe pictures with machine learning might come out slightly crispy than you have on the M1 if you were to think about that and do it but to be honest there wouldn’t be much different on that.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: Selfie camera

The selfie camera it’s precisely the same on the front.

They both have 12-megapixel Center Stage 4K recording abilities, but like I said, with the M2 chipset with that machine learning, you might get slightly better footage on that but not much in it.

iPad Pro M1 vs iPad Pro M2: The Pricing

The pricing, I’m pleased to say, is the same. It’s 1099 US Dollars, and this is for the base 128-gigabyte model, so that is good to hear about that.

For colors, sadly this is one downside to the iPad Pros is that there are only two colors available you’ve either got silver or you’ve either got space gray, so they’re the same on both models. There is no difference here between the M2 and the M1 iPad Pro.

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