ipad 10 vs ipad 9: Ultimate comparison Don’t make a mistake

So we just had the announcement of the brand new 10th generation iPad 2022 model. Still, many of you are wondering what’s the difference between the last Generation, the 9th generation 2021 model against the brand new 10th Generation 2022 model. Well, today, what I’m going to do you, I’m going to make a comparison.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9

I’m going to do the iPad 2021 versus the iPad 2022 review specs to let you guys know the difference between these models to help you decide which one you should pick. Okay then, so we have the iPad 10th Generation, the 2022 model and the iPad 9th Generation 2021 model that came out last year and has been based on the same design of an iPad Air original for, say, about the previous sort of about ten years or so, but moving on, then let’s have a look then at the comparisons between both of these models. First of all, we have:

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: the display

The display Types on both of these iPads are precisely the same. They both use the liquid retina LED display. There’s no difference here.

There’s no sort of mini LED or OLED sort of Technology. It’s the classic liquid wrestler display we’ve had for some time now, and it’s in both models.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: screen size

Screen size is where there is a significant change here. You can see this in the actual design of both of these iPads the iPad tab generation looks very similar to the likes of, say.

The iPad Air is the fourth and 5th gen, and as I said, the iPad 9th gen is also very similar to the predecessors that came out before returning to the original iPad Air. Hence, the actual screen sizes are 10.9 inches for the 10th gen, and the iPad 9th gen is a 10.2-inch display.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: screen resolution

Then for screen resolution and aspect ratio to start with the iPad 10th Generation has a 1×4 free nine-by-one, whereas the iPad 9 generation has a 4×3 screen ratio.

Still, the actual resolutions are different on both of these because they have that other size screen, so the iPad 10th Generation has 2360 by 1640 resolution. In contrast, the iPad 9th generation has 2160 by 1620 resolution.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: the pixels

The pixels per inch mean no screen resolutions. They’re precisely the same. They are 264 pixels per inch or 264 PPI, and just in case you’re wondering, this is the same amount of PPI inside the iPad Pro Models.

Apple likes to keep the pixels per inch the same on all their iPad lines. It’s advantageous to know that the clarity will be precisely the same as the iPad Pro in the number of pixels, but brightness and things like this will be different on an iPad Pro.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: display refresh rate

The display refresh rate hurts on this; both have a 60-hertz refresh rate. There’s no Pro motion; there’s no 120 hertz. It’s just a standard 60 hertz on both generations. There is no difference.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: screen protection

The screen protection, so both of these iPads feature Gorilla Glass 6 protection. It’s not ceramic glass, but as you can see here, it’s still solid on the iPad models and both of them.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: processor and CPU

The processor, the CPU, and this is where there are some significant changes here. So the 10th Generation has the brand new A14 chipset inside, which is made up of four efficiency cores and two performance cores, which are sitting on a five-nanometer die.

It’s also got better machine learning built into it. Still, the ninth Generation also has an a13 chipset in it and as well does have the total efficiency cores.

Two performance cores also have some excellent sort of machine learning inside it but not as good as the A4 team, but this sits on a seven-nanometer die, so basically, the A14 is a much more efficient and powerful chipset as well as has higher clock speeds inside it.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: Ram

The actual Ram amounts to the iPad 10th generation having four gigabytes of RAM inside it, whereas the iPad 9th generation has one gigabyte less than three gigabytes of RAM inside.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: storage

For storage amounts, they’re precisely the same. You’ve got the same options on both models, and this compromise of 64 gigabytes and 256-gigabyte models you can pick from, so the base models are 64.

You can upgrade to a 256 if you want to. There is no expansion or storage like there hasn’t ever been on iPads before.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: operating system

The operating system and both of these iPads can run the latest iPad OS 16, and there are many features we’ve mentioned at WWDC that will be available for both of these iPads coming out very soon, iPad OS 16.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: battery sizes

Regarding the actual battery sizes, there are some significant changes here; as you can see, the iPad temp generation has a 7540 milliamp battery. In contrast, the iPad 9th generation has an 8557 milliamp battery.

Now before you get upset and think that you should get an iPad knife chain because it has a bigger battery inside it, does remember the A14 chipset is far more efficient than the a13 an apple claim for both of these models that you can get sort of 10 hours of web browsing.

You can get some nine hours of video sort of streaming of both of the models. There’s no difference in what Apple is claiming between both of them. They are claiming they have precisely the same battery life, but as I said, the actual chipset makes a difference in the iPad temp generation. The 9th generation does have the bigger battery but has a bit more power—Hersey sort of a13 chipset inside it.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: Wired & Wireless charging

Both iPads can charge at 20 watts, but the main difference is that the iPad 10th Generation has a USB C Port. In contrast, the iPad 9th generation has the old traditional lightning Port like what we have on the iPhones right now.

Still, everything is switching towards USBC, and this does complete Apple’s lineup on the iPad line of new models coming out that everything now has USB C. Still, both of them can charge at 20 watts, but there is also no wireless charging on both of these models.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: weight

The weight is very, very similar, and to be honest, you probably won’t even notice the difference.

The iPad 7th generation is 10 grams lighter than the iPad night generation, and that’s hardly anything to have 10 grams difference inside it, so it’s 477 grams for the 10th gen and 487 grams for the 9th gen, but as I said, you’re not going to tell the difference between both of them.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: water resistance

Then after that, you’ve got water resistance. Both of these iPads sadly have no water resistance, do make sure you take care where you are near Water.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: ports

For ports, the iPad 10th Generation already mentioned the charging port does have a USBC on it, but the iPad 9th generation has a lightning Port as we said, but it also still does have a headphone Port.

Whereas the iPad temp gen didn’t have a headphone Port, it’s gone now.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: stereo speakers

Both of these iPads support this for stereo speakers, but the iPad’s tenth generation has far more Superior speakers in it and will be a little bit louder than the iPad 9th gen, and the sound will be a little richer too.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: 5G capability

The iPad 10th Generation has 5G capability on its budget, like the iPad for the first time, but the iPad 9th generation still has 4G but no 5G capability.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: Bluetooth technology

For Bluetooth technology, there is a big difference here. The iPad 7 generation has Bluetooth 5.2, the latest stand when Apple has been rolling out to all their most recent devices, whereas the iPad 9th gen still has Bluetooth 4.2.

Well, it’s a technology Apple stopped mainly using on most of our devices about three or four years ago, and they still had it inside the iPad 9th gen, so there is a big difference here in Bluetooth if you care about that.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: rear cameras

For rear cameras, both of them have the same sort of camera setup. The iPad 10th Generation has 12 megapixels wide, and so does the 9th gen.

Still, I’d say the main difference what you are going to see is that the single lens on the 10th gen does lessen a little bit more light and is also a little bit better and especially with the A14 chipset, the machine learning on the photos that you do take on this iPad will be better.

Still, both iPads can record up to 4K, and I’m not saying that the 9th gen camera isn’t bad because it’s not that bad for an iPad. It is still pretty good.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: front cameras

For the front-facing cameras both of these iPads have the same front-facing camera. They both have a single lens, and a 12-megapixel has a center stage and 4K. Still, I would say on the iPad 10th Generation that, the camera is actually on the landscape side.

In contrast, the ninth generation has it on the portrait side, so you’d have to turn the temp generation what you can see here 90 degrees, and it’d have the camera there instead.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9:price

Price rise, there is a big difference here, as you can see. Hence, the iPad temp generation with 64 gigabytes starts at 449 US Dollars, whereas the iPad 9th generation with 64 gigabytes of storage that’s 329 US Dollars, and I would also mention across the world, the prices are very, very different.

The iPad 10th Generation is more expensive, for example, in the country where I am in the UK. The iPad 9th generation has gone up in price, too that’s a story for another day. Still, do remember this is US Dollars pricing. In other parts of the world, it is different.

Still, you can see that there is a big difference in the prices here for us. There is over a hundred and thirty dollars difference between both models, so do consider that.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: colors

The colors are also, so the iPad temp generation has four colors. This year it has silver, blue, pink, and yellow, which you can see here, whereas the iPad 9th generation has the standard sort of classic colors of silver and space gray, so there’s less to pick from.

ipad 10 vs ipad 9: mhto view

The difference between both of these iPads, in my honest opinion, think the iPad 9th generation is still a perfect iPad, especially if you can get it at a reasonable price. Many places sell it at an affordable price now at less than 300 some Blazers.

Don’t get me wrong, the brand new 10th generation iPad is pretty cool too, mainly that it’s got the recent brand sort of design that’s very similar to the iPad Air and the iPad Pro and the mini line, but, to be honest, it does have the A14 have 5G capability in it, but that’s all you’re going to be getting extra compared to this. I can’t see, in my honest opinion, it’s worth paying 130 dollars more for this, but I could be wrong there.

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