Insta360 X3: A lot of Resolution Packed Into This Camera

Here is the brand new Insta360 x3, the update to the old Insta360 x2 is their brand new 360 camera, and it is a big step up in quality over the previous version. In this article, we are going to take it from new features to this brand new insta360.

The name is the first thing that changed with this new insta360 camera. It is just the insta360 X3 now, so that is good, and there are a lot of updates in this insta360 X3.

Design-wise, insta360x3 has a big 2.29-inch screen, and that is the biggest screen you can get on any action camera on the market not only 360 cameras it also gets haptic feedback there. Hence, it is just like using your mobile device. It is susceptible and easy to use, unlike other action cameras.

The new Insta360 X3. Image credit: Insta360

There is a lot of resolution packed into this camera, so it is just slightly thicker than the old insta360 one X2, a little bit chunkier the buttons have changed; also, you have got the record button on the front here, and then you have got a quick switch button here which cycles through single lens mode and 360 modes you have got fast setting rather than having to swap across on the screen like on the old cameras you have got a physical cue button which cycles through you quick settings
if you have got presets set for different scenarios.

They have redesigned the charging door on this, which is a great thing that was a little bit awkward last time on the x2. You just had to put it out, and it had a little stick of plastic. This one’s gone for the whole metal bar, and you pull it off. It is got two little hooks, and you can quickly get it off and put it back on. You have got no danger of it breaking.

They’ve had a total redesign, and a real hard think about what people use this for and how they use these cameras, and it’s a lot better this year.
The battery is pretty much the same on there pops out, and then you’ve got the sd card in the same place. It is 1800mah batteries, an improvement from last year because this camera can shoot in 8k for right time lapses; you read it right 8k time lapses on this camera along with 72 megapixels 360 photos.

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We’ve also got my favourite feature which is 4k bullet time. The ability to export your bullet times in 4k footage now is brilliant. They look a lot better, a lot crispier; that is a significant improvement.
we have still got 5.7k at 30 frames per second for your 360 footage, but to help with the picture quality these lenses now feature half-inch sensors. We’ve got half-inch sensors on this Insta 360×3, which is a massive jump up.

We’ve got a new 4k single lens mode, so not only is this a 360 camera, it is a capable action camera standalone you can use one lens, and you switch between lenses no matter which one you want. It shoots in 4k for brilliant action camera footage with that flow state stabilization.


Another feature is memos, which is a prominent feature; the memos mode is suitable for content creators for Instagram reels and TicToc and things like that, so it is clever. It also negates the need for reframing in post-production because you don’t have to do any framing. It keeps you in the middle of the frame because you’ve got these lenses facing you in me mode. It is a brilliant feature. I love it and will use it for all my social media platforms.

You can also edit your me mode to be in 16 by nine in the desktop studio, so import your footage to the desktop studio and change the aspect ratio. It works the same way as a 9×16. You can have it in 16×9 landscape mode, and it works well. The invisible self-stick is removed, and there is no need for reframing in post-production.

It is packed full of new features, and I have been using it. As I said, I have been impressed with the quality for a week. The battery life is fantastic; the usability everything is just honed in. They have refined this camera compared to the old version. It is just an absolute pleasure to use. Of course, it is an inter 360 camera, so it is so much fun to use. You couple that with their fantastic software, desktop editing studio and comprehensive app with their stories and step-by-guides for different effects they ai tracking as well. It is just the best 360 camera you can buy on the market at the moment.

Insta360 X3 Pros & Cons

2.29-inch screen bigger touchscreenThe footage is not good in low light
4k footagelense Scratches
360 footagesWorkflow
4k single lens modeNeed to be Careful
8k time lapses 
72 megapixels 360 photos 

What is a 360 camera?

The way this works, it has two very wide-angle lenses, one is on the front side, and another is on the opposite side. Super wide angle lenses and using ai and software stitch those two wide-angle views together and make a sphere around it that it is documenting.

Insta360 X3: Camera Design

Looking at the X3 is a kind of candy bar shape from one side. The x3 looks the same as the previous generation, The one X2 turns the camera around, and the difference becomes more apparent.


The x3 features a 2.29-inch touchscreen, by far the largest of any instead of insta 360 cameras. Allowing the user much more easily control the camera settings.

On one side of the camera, you’ll find doors holding the battery, micro sd card slot, and USB port. On the other side, you will find the power button and a quick menu key for selecting predefined settings.On the front, a shutter button and another button for viewing your media.

The x3 is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessor; however, it is still small and light enough to fit the action camera category. It will be compatible with most action camera accessories. The camera is designed to be pretty rugged with a hardened plastic body and a textured rubber side for secure gripping.

Two obvious vulnerabilities are the protruding lenses, which are easily damaged and should not drop the camera, so be warned that if you damage those lenses, you will have to send them away to be repaired, which takes a while. It is expensive.

According to insta360, the X3 is waterproof without a case of 10 meters; however, you need to ensure all doors are securely closed beforehand. There were some issues with the last version of the camera, with it being not easy to keep the camera watertight, but from what we can see, those kinds of doors, the kind of hinges that secure them, have been upgraded to be a lot easier to secure.

The x3 feels like a premium product, like the large touchscreen and even vibration when you turn the camera on. The x3 is slightly bigger than the x2 but not noticeable and does not affect your shooting. This is a 360-action camera that can last in a variety of environments.

Insta360 X3: Video Quality

X3 is primarily a 360 action camera, and the previous version was probably the most popular 360 action camera ever, so what can the x3 do to surpass it?
First and foremost, new sensors each of the insta360 x3 s two lenses features a half-inch sensor which is twice the size of the last generation and larger than those found in nearly all other action cameras 360. these large sensors allow the camera to capture more light detail and colour the size and quality of the camera.

The sensor is usually the most significant factor in its ability to shoot video and photos. Having tested the X3 for the past few weeks, I notice a difference in quality, mainly when shooting in lower-light situations.  Shooting with the X3 indoors in low light or darker areas result in more Dynamic video with less noise than was possible. Even in perfect lighting conditions, this larger sensor produces high quality.

Three hundred sixty videos than I’ve seen in pretty much all 360 cameras of this size and price, so the larger sensors are the most significant Hardware upgrade and shouldn’t be overlooked. The maximum resolution of the X3 is again 5.7 K which is unchanged from the last two versions and pretty much seems to be the limit for 360 action cameras.

In general, the lack of a boost in resolution is somewhat disappointing. Still, also somewhat understandable that insta360 wants to make this camera accessible to the masses, so anything much higher than 5.7 K will be complicated for most people’s phones or laptop desktops to edit smoothly and efficiently.

The more Premium insta360 One RS one-inch Edition, which was only released a couple of months ago, does shoot 6K 360 video. However, that is a much larger camera and not meant for action shots and is designed for more professional uses. When reframed, the insta360 X3 video looks pretty decent; even if the resolution is the same, you can further boost the quality of your video by using active HDR mode, which allows you to shoot moving HDR video.

We can see the difference between HDR and non-hdr; you can see a difference, so using this mode will again boost the quality but ensure you’re in good lighting conditions.

When you view insta360 videos on a large screen like your TV or a large laptop, you will notice that it doesn’t match up to most other videos we shoot with other cameras. But when viewed on a smaller screen with less face, as most videos are these days, the Earth reframe video still looks good and especially if you edit it, you add a bit more colour and that kind of stuff, you can get some high-quality footage.
As I’ve mentioned before, 360 cameras are designed for creativity. They allow you to be super creative than any other camera.

The X3 utilizes insta360’s Flow State  software to keep your footage smooth. Once again, this is probably the best action camera in general for shooting any moving shots. The X3 is going to keep everything super stable. It seems impossible the way it does it, but it works because 360 cameras have this ability, and insta360 home in on that and make Fuller use. I mean, I’ve seen just some crazy, crazy stuff done with these cameras, and the stabilization works every time and these, and there was just no way you could ever get these kinds of shots with any other kind of camera.

Insta360 X3: 8K Time-lapse

With this camera, you can now shoot time-lapse videos at 8K resolution with the X3, which is a significant upgrade. I don’t know any other camera that can do that, especially at this price range of this, especially this size now that’s an again due to the new sensors, but these 8K time lapses are fantastic.

If you want to create some Dynamic video, time lapses are also always fantastic just to put into your shots and these time lapses are sharp. I think they’re outstanding. I think this is one of the best reasons to get this camera. Not everyone will jump at the chance to be shooting time lapses all the time, but I think it’s an excellent feature.

Insta360 X3: Single Lens Mode

The single lens mode of the X3 now, if you tap on the video options, you’ll see there is a single lens mode, and that allows you to choose either one of the single lenses to shoot standard non-360 regular video, just flat video as you shoot with your phone or with a GoPro or any other kind of action camera.

The maximum resolution of the video is 4K, and it’s pretty good. That matches some Modern action cameras and doesn’t compete with GoPro Hero 10. But having a 4K action camera pretty much inside a 360 camera is a really I think its excellent value means you can switch between 360 and regular video at the touch of a button and still get excellent quality video both times, and bear in mind you do also get that amazing stabilization.

That you get with the 360 modes pretty much maybe not quite as good but pretty much super stable single lens video as well super stable flat video, and you would not be able to get this kind of stabilization with most phones for those seeking a higher frame rate for moving video action shots. Then you can shoot at 60 frames per second at 3.6K, which I think is pretty reasonable single lens mode gives you a range of field of view options which is how widescreen the video appears.

Now there is an Ultra wide screen option it’s called the field of view plus, and yeah, it’s 170 degrees Ultra wide screen, and it works best when the camera is mounted to your chest; you can create first-person shots, which I think look good and this has been very famous for cyclists for, mountain bikers, for motorcyclists to shoot their rides, and this would be pretty much the perfect camera to do that. It just is one button, and you have that option straight away.

Insta360 X3: Me Mode

The new exciting feature of the X3 is called me mode now; this is what it looks like, and this is all done inside the camera, no editing required, and it doesn’t matter how much you wave the camera around; person shooting is always at the center of the shot X3.

To an invisible selfie stick which is an accessory sold separately and holds the stick close to your body, the end of the selfie stick will always be at the center of the frame. So as long as the selfie stick is close to your body, you will be at the center of the frame no matter where you walk.

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No matter if you’re skiing, cycling skateboarding, as long as that silver stick is near you, you’re going to be at the center of the shot, and it doesn’t require any editing whatsoever. Because of that, super excellent stabilization is a fantastic way to film yourself doing whatever you want. It’s probably the easiest way to film yourself out of any camera I’ve ever known; it beats using a selfie stick and flipping your phone up to have the selfie stick pointing out.

At least this time, it’s invisible looks like the camera is floating and focusing on you the whole time. I think the video capabilities of this camera, while it’s disappointing that it’s stuck still at 5.7 K, there’s no denying that, but I think all these other little added features are making up for it. I like me mode.

I like the 8K time-lapse and the half-inch sensors; it does make a difference, especially if you’re going to film in your city in the dark at low light conditions at night, so they continue to innovate; you have to give it to them for that.

Insta360 X3: 360 Photos

All of the insta 360 cameras are pretty much video-action cameras. First and foremost, people are into shooting 360 photos. The new sensors allow the camera to shoot 72 megapixels 360 images. That’s crazy. I don’t know of any camera that can shoot that high resolution. Even professional ones don’t shoot that high, so the images are sharp.

They look good. The half-inch sensors once again allow more light, so they increase better colors and better details, but everything is better than the previous version. It allows you to zoom into images so you can crop them out and select a little bit of the image, and you’d still end up with a decent-quality photo.

It’s not as good as a professional camera. It’s not as good as a DSLR; it’s not as good as something that costs three times as much. Even though the resolution may be higher, you could use this for virtual tours probably but not ones that you charge thousands for because this is once again an all-in-one camera

If you want to shoot rapid virtual tours many times if you were like in construction or real estate where you need to shoot lots of virtual tours by yourself you don’t want to hire someone else to do it this camera would be very good at doing that it’s rapid and easy you’ll also find an HDR mode which combines several exposures it does improve the appearance of your photos.

Still, that mode is limited to 18 megapixels, so it’s quite a significant reduction in sharpness and resolution, and once again, single lens mode is also optional. It’s also an option for photos. It can shoot 32-megapixel flat regular videos so that you can take a high-resolution selfie with this camera.

Insta360 X3: insta360 Software

The software used by the X3 hasn’t changed from the last generation. Still, suppose you are new to this camera. In that case, if this is the first time you’ve come across this lineup, it uses both a free app and free desktop software to be able to edit and reframe your 360 videos into these great free-flowing Point first shoot later fake drone effects, a third person views first-person views all of these extraordinary effects that 360 cameras are capable of that’s all done in the free software. If you’re new, but let me tell you, not much has changed.

There are a few new modes, for example, a photo animator probably to make you use of the higher quality photos you can automatically animate your 360 photos, but as I mention, if you’re new to insta360 in general, then this you need to get both of these to use the camera and to get all the incredible effects.

Insta360 X3: mhto view

So let’s keep things real, like the camera is not perfect. I’m not going to pretend it is; I’m not trying to make you buy it. I guess the camera has three microphones, but once again, it’s not, you know Studio level quality audio. I mean, it’s probably going to be acceptable for Vlogs, just standard stuff, but if you wanted anything high quality, you’d need to get an external mic adapter.

The battery life is also not particularly great. I have noticed it drains pretty quickly. I think I’ll probably get between 45 minutes and an hour of continuous shooting. That’s been my experience, at least, so it’s not great. It’s not terrible in there, and these lenses, again, really worry me. They’re again not replaceable. You have to be careful, guys; when using the camera, make sure whatever you’re securing it to is securely attached to whatever accessory you can do these awesome action stuff.

These action videos attach to your bike, surfboard, kite, or Drone, whatever, but make sure it doesn’t fall off because if it does and the lenses are scratched, then the camera is unusable. You have to send it away; it takes a while and is expensive. It would be great if one day we could get removable, replaceable lenses because it will save a lot of time and money.
All I can say about the X3 now is I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and I think that’s pretty much all I can say, so yeah.


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