EufyCam 3 Review- A Review of the Best Security Camera on the Market

Any brand does not sponsor this article, and I am creating this article on my personal experience after reviewing this excellent ai security camera Eufycam 3. this security camera is a pack of innovations with having 4k video quality camera and 365 days of limitless charing, and it also has solar charging system that keeps this security camera full charge every day every year. EufyCam 3 is made with Solar 4K Camera technology which means it doesn’t need batteries or power cords. You need to place it in the sunlight, and you’re good to go! Eufy Cam 3 is a wireless security camera with a sleek and stylish design. It is the best home surveillance camera in its price range.

The Solar 4K Camera is an outdoor security camera with an easy-to-use interface and motion detection. It has a wide-angle lens with a 130-degree viewing angle and offers night vision. The Solar 4K Camera also comes with mounting accessories to place it anywhere you need.

EufyCam 3: Features overview.

Here we have the Eufy security 4K Ultra HD and solar power with bionic mind AI. this is the s330 Eufy cam or the Eufy cam three, and this security camera has that solar panel because the biggest problem with battery-powered cameras is they die. You have to climb the ladder and pull them back down, but with the solar power here, I think that will last a long time. Some new things are that it has the bionic mind AI built into the home base, which will help improve the notifications. You have expandable local storage and up to 360-day battery life plus constant solar charging, so even if you can’t get the charging available wherever you put this, it will still last up to 365 days, which is excellent. Eufy security has no monthly fees, so the product is free to use. You can use some extra cloud storage features with payment, but I’ve never had to do that. Some other cool features it has with the bionic mind it has human recognition security report, vehicle detection lives view, and recording history instant notification as well as two-way audio with the Eufy security app you can download on the Play store or the App Store, and this will work with Amazon assistant as well as Google Assistant to view that camera feed.

Another cool feature that is available so here is that it stays charged with forever power, so with just two hours of direct sunlight provides unlimited power pretty sure that’s two hours a day if you have no sunlight. There is a 13 000 milliamp-hour battery, which could last up to 365 days, so this is great because it will work even in the cloudiest climates and stay tough in any weather. So this is IP67 durable, which means it’s dust and water protected so that UV cam can remain powered through rain dust and cold temperatures up to negative four degrees Fahrenheit or negative 20 degrees Celsius. The next mindblowing feature I’m excited about is the 4K feature, so here it has crisp 4K images so powerful you can see license plates from up to 33 feet away or 10 meters it has a C color at night, so there is a built-in Starlight sensor and an F 1.4 aperture, so it’s available to show True Color even at night and then here you can startle Intruders with these Spotlight cameras so get unwanted visitors to back off immediately with the motion activated Spotlight. Then last, here we have the bionic mind AI learning, so the home base reduces 95 percent of false alarms. It automatically teaches itself to reduce even more than expandable storage, so it starts with 16 gigabytes of storage, and then if that’s not enough, you can add a hard drive for years of video. Then here it has centralized Security Management to manage all of your UV security cameras, doorbells, and sensors from the home base, so it’s great that it incorporates those all into one.

EufyCam 3: Inside The box.

In Eufy cam box you will get all necessary stuff to install or mount the camera list of thing you will get inside the box.

one home base 3

  • 2 Eufy cam 3 cameras/Eufy S330 4K Solar Wireless Cameras
  • setup guide for Eufy cam 3
  • Power Adaptor/ power cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB to USB-C charging cable
  • Two mounts for each camera
  • Two positioning stickers
  • Monitoring awareness sticker
  • Two mounting Screws for Both S330 Cameras
  • hard drive screws

This is all the thing you will get in this box which is necessary to mount the cameras.

EufyCam 3 spec

  • Video Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)/ 4K Ultra HD
  • bionic mind AI
  • human recognition security report, vehicle detection lives view
  • two-way audio
  • work with Amazon assistant as well as Google Assistant
  • 13 000 milliamp-hour battery, which could last up to 365 days
  • it will work even in the cloudiest climates and stay tough in any weather
  • this is IP67 durable, it’s dust and water protected
  • it has a C color at night
  • a built-in Starlight sensor
  • F 1.4 aperture, with BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 5.1 x 2.6in (6.5 x 12.9 x 6.5cm)
  • Type C USB Port; 1000 Mbps LAN Port; SATA 3.0
  • 360-day battery life plus constant solar charging

home base 3 spec

  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 4.3 x 5.7in (7.8 x 10.9 x 14.4cm)
  • it has the bionic mind AI built into the home base, which will help improve the notifications.
  • it has bionic mind AI learning, so the home base reduces 95 percent of false alarms.
  • it starts with 16 gigabytes of storage, and then if that’s not enough, you can add a hard drive upto 16 terabytes for years of video.
  • it has centralized Security Management to manage all of your UV security cameras, doorbells, and sensors from the home base

EufyCam 3 homebase

the home base three that comes with the s330 looks vastly different than something that you got previously with the home base, too, and there are a lot of things to discuss with the home base three, but for those who might not know the eufy Homebase 3 acts as the storage device for any clips that you get from your goofy camera now internally there 

is 16 gigabytes of space on this device; however, one of the new tricks that the eufy Homebase 3 has is that it has expandable internal storage via a virtual hard drive, not a flash drive, not an SD card, a hard drive, and they make this ridiculously easy to put.

With that 2.5-inch SATA drive, you can have up to 16 terabytes of storage. That is a ridiculous amount of storage, and you might not ever need that with just the two cameras that come with this system; however, eufy is making it so that the home base three here is expandable to many of their other already existing devices. That is the housing for the expandable storage; back of this Homebase, we can see this is our sync alarm off button. We’ve got a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0, our Ethernet plug, and our Hardline power. Now you can see all along the back here on top of their ventilation. This device, for what it’s doing, remains remarkably cool. I feel that you also have these little feeties here that help keep it off the surface of whatever you have it on, and right there, we have our speaker and our hard reset. You may be asking why there are two ports on this back. I thought I had internal storage. Well, you do. The USB ports are designed for charging your eufy cameras if you need to. If you use the blue one, it’ll be a fast charge. Still, you can offload the images from this onto a flash drive. I want you to know that the recordings on the home base three here are encrypted with RSA 1024 and AES 128 combined encryption before they even hit this home base. Each recording is encrypted separately, meaning each video has its unique encryption key. I understand that I’m throwing a lot of information at you about these two parts of the eufy s330 system.

How to install hard drive in Eufysecurity camera homebase

Before installing the hard drive in the home base, make sure to power it off before doing coming to the top, pushing our little screen in the back there to access our hard drive slot, and you’ll find the size of this located in the user manual it’s a 2.5 inch hard drive, but there’s a little eyeglass screw right there that you’re going to have to take off and once you’re done with that pull on that side right there and the harddrive bay comes right off and right there tells you the exact size that you need 2.5 and has to be a SATA drive just happen to have a SATA drive right  here so we can place this into our mounting tray and you’ll notice on the side there there are  little screw holes so we have to actually screw in the hard drive to this mounting bed which  is perfectly fine because it’ll help you make sure that you associate this correctly but  also help keep this in place it happens to be a spinning hard drive and not a SSD and  you’ll find those screws located in the bag that has your ejector button and four screws  and says harddrive screws please keep and there we go we’ve got all of our screws in  you’ll notice that’s not going anywhere and we’ve got our SATA port right there and that  will line up so we’ll just slip that back in and you’re going to need to give that a little  push so that the connections can be made and then   we’re just going to take the screwdriver and lock  up our hard drive make sure it doesn’t go anywhere and then put our lid back on top and that would be  installing extra storage space into your home base three.

Camera & home base 3 Eufy app setup

The installation process is quite simple: once you install the Eufy app and sign up or log into the app. once you sign up or log into your app, you must add Homebase 3 first and then use that security camera.
Before adding an app, you need to plug in the device power and ethernet. When you plug the device with power and ethernet, you will get flashed blue quickly, and the red light will start blinking.
Make sure that your phone should be connected to the same wifi as the router, and then you have to wait for one minute until the LED turns from red to blue.
When your lead turns red to blue, you have to scan the QR code that the QR code will be underneath, and then you have to press the sync button on the back to accept the pairing. It is a little tricky for this setup.
After pairing you, Homebase 3 was added successfully in the Eufy app.

After the successful setup of the app, the following need is to set up eufycam cameras. In the app, you have to select s330 to set up, and you need to put a camera within roughly one meter and then have to press the sync button on the back until you hear a beep. After that, you have to press next, and Homebase will start discovering. Remember, the microphone is on the front side of the camera. You must locate the front facing of the camera close to the blinking area of the Homebase 3. after successfully adding the device, repeat this step for the second S330 camera.

eufyCam 3 (S330): Bionicmind

For those of you who might be underselling the bionic mind AI technology that the home base 3 gives you, let me help clarify some things for you. It is self-learning meaning the longer you have this and use it, the better the AI system will get. That means it will help you avoid false triggers, so things like Shadows, light changes, and moving plants will not be affected by the Home Base 3 with bionic AI. Also, person detection is enhanced with facial recognition, where you can set up groups of friendly faces and only be notified of strangers who happen to come into your yard.

EufyCam 3 app setting

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