Apple AirPods Pro 2 Vs AirPods Pro Should you upgrade?

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Vs AirPods Pro Should you upgrade?

The new Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2 is arguably the most popular wireless earbuds available Apple claims they’re even better than before, but how are they better? What’s new, what’s been improved and by how much most importantly should you buy them you’ve got questions I’ve got answers.

For many, AirPods have become an essential item, and arguably they’re also a part of pop culture not because apple makes them but because they sound great. More importantly, they work seamlessly with iPhones. My favourite model is the AirPods pro because not only do they sound the best, but they also have noise cancellation.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Vs AirPods Pro Should you upgrade?

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Spatial Audio

There is spatial audio on both of these airpod pro models. Also, it does have head tracking too, and the AirPods pro 2, the second generation, allows users to use their actual phone to align where their ears are to ensure that spatial audio is accurate. It’s a little bonus there with the AirPods pro second generation.

Active Noise Cancellation

You’ve also got active noise cancellation in both of these models; however, active noise cancellations got better in the AirPods pro second generation. It’s claimed to be two times better to drown out those noises so you can focus on your music.

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive eq is the same on both of these models this time.

Transparency mode

Transparency mode is available on the AirPod’s second generation and the first. Still, the second-generation transparency mode has been enhanced now.

So if you are walking down the road and, for example, you did hear a loud drill going off, it can drown out those sorts of super loud noises around you to make it even clearer to hear other sounds around you on transparency mode.


The chipset has also been upgraded in the AirPods pro’s second generation. It’s now the new h2 chipset, which allows all those transparency modes, active noise cancellation, and other features.

to make everything work, the AirPods pro has the original h1 chipset, but it’s still very good then.

Sweat And Water Resistance

Sweat and water resistance both of these AirPods actually can have ipx4, so basically, this means if you were to get caught out in the rain or, for example, you’ve got a very sweaty workout, they’re going to be fine.

Siri Capabilities

For you, both of them do have Siri capabilities. They both have Siri built in. They have long stem press two to enable this as well, so there are no differences there.

Skin Detect Sensor

Skin detection sensor was first introduced with the AirPods three, so this is the original AirPods, the third generation. Skin detection sensors came out earlier last year, so we got them then but with that third generation. We got the skin type sensor, which allows happening when you put the AirPods pro second generation into your ear.

Music can start playing Automatically because it’s detected that it’s got the comfort of your ear or your ear canal sort of around the actual AirPods and start playing automatically. But it also works the opposite way around two. So say you’re a person who likes to go out for a run or, for example, you were dashing somewhere and just knocked your ear by accident.

You knocked one of your AirPods out of your ears, and sometimes it’s because they’re so light you don’t notice that you’ve done this but what will happen is the other airport will stop playing, and it will tell you that you have lost one of your AirPods that has fallen out of your ear.

The second you find it again and put it back in your ear, your music or whatever you’re listening to will resume playing because the AirPods Pro is three years old. They don’t have this technology inside the original one, so you don’t get the skin tent sensor built-in.

Dual Optical Sensors

The dual optical sensors work similarly to skin detection, which detects their surroundings around you, and both AirPods have this feature.

Conversation Boost

Conversation boost was actually a firmware update brought to the AirPods pro in 2021 and basically, what this allows it to do is that it can use AirPods a bit like a hearing aid if you want to do that.

Still, the main difference is with the AirPods pro second generation because we have that enhanced transparency mode now to sort of block out those noises that are super loud. It makes us even better, so if you use conversation boost personally, I will get the second-generation AirPods pro because it would work well for you.

Not to say the AirPods pro original doesn’t do a good job of us because they do. Still, it’s worth getting because of that h2 chipset and those extra benefits.

Silicon Ear Tips

Silicon ear tips, and now they’re all different sizes. Well, there’s an increase to the sizes, so with the original AirPods pro, we got the size of small, medium, and large, but with the AirPods pro second generation,

there are some people with some tiny ears or tiny ear canals so actually apple this year have created an extra small sort of ear canal size the rubber tip on the end the silicone ear tips you can get them there is no word. However, those sizes can fit the original AirPods pro, but I’m sure we will find out if they fit in the future.

Charging Capabilities

So charging capabilities and the actual speed of charging haven’t changed between these generations. They can both charge up to 20 watts by lightning; however, with the AirPods pro second generation, you have MagSafe built into the case and lightning, and this allows you to use live at the max of charging what you use for, say.

Your iPhone came from the iPhone 12 onwards, the 13, and the 14 models now, or you can also use your apple watch mag saving charger. It just clicks on magnetically. The AirPods pro didn’t come with a MagSafe charging box or case.

Still, they did bring out some a few months after the release when we got the iPhone that could do this, and you can’t now get that for that, but it is an optional extra case you don’t get this as standard with the AirPods pro.

Battery Life Per Stem

Battery life itself, though, with the original AirPods pro, you got a perfect 4.5 hours well up to 4.5 hours, and that was sort of on a medium sound with no some anc or transparency sort of mode on just its usual way. Still, with the AirPods pro second generation, you can get up to six hours now with that instead, so there is an increase there was good to see.

Battery Life From The Case

The actual case battery has also increased, here again, so with the original AirPods pro, you got 24 hours of battery life from the case, which was good, but the actual battery case on the AirPods pro second generation gives you up to 30 hours this time. Of course, that does mean having things switched off like anc or transparency and having the sound on a medium kind of setting.

Weight Per Stem

The actual weight of the stems, there’s no difference here whatsoever. The new generation is 5.3 grams the older generations are 5.4 grams. You’re not even going to notice that difference in your ears. There’s hardly anything there at all.

Weight with Case

In the case of the AirPods pro second generation, the actual weight weighs 50.8 grams, and the AirPods pro, the original one, weighs 45.6 grams.


The AirPods pro second generation has Bluetooth 5.3 with a few more extra capabilities over 5.0 than the original AirPods pro came with.

U1 Tracking

This u1 tracking makes the case of the AirPods pro second generation have an air tag built into it, so if you do lose your AirPods or the actual case, you can find it via your phone, and it’s quite easy to do that, just like how an air tag works but the AirPods pro original doesn’t have this because that technology hasn’t been invented yet from apple for their devices.


Price-wise, though, they’re the same as new, so the AirPods pro original came at 249, and the AirPods pro second generation is also 249. Still, I would say now, especially after three years, do shop around because you’ll be able to probably pick up the original AirPods pro at a far lower price from different retailers out there.


Next of all is the color. The colors are the same. It’s a white color again. There are no differences here whatsoever

mhto view

There are some differences from the original AirPods pro. The main difference is that the new h2 chipset gives better anc transparency modes, and also, at the same time, the battery life is far better in the second generation.

You get that extra hour on the stem, and you also get that extra six hours inside the actual charging unit, giving you up to a total of 30 hours of usage was incredible. Don’t get me wrong, the original AirPods pros are still great and if you can get them at a good price, consider getting them too.

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